Deepak's Activities

Research Funding

Funding as Principal Investigator or Lead Role

  • "Fairness in Machine Learning", GIAN Course with Dr. Sahely Bhadra at IIT Palakkad. 2020. Value: $12,000
  • "Spatio-temporal Analytics for Litter Management", Invest Northern Ireland, Belfast, UK. (Main Partner: Professional Drone Network Ltd.). Duration: 2020 - 2021. Value: £15,000
  • "NLP and Computer Vision for the Insurance Sector", Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project with Liberty IT, Belfast, UK. Duration: 2020 - 2022. Value: £343,601
  • "Deep Learning for Multimedia", Intertradeireland Fusion Project with Wave Break Media, Cork, Ireland. Duration: 2020 - 2022. Value: £56,000
  • QUB and IIIT-Delhi, ASEM-DUO Student Exchange Fund for 2020 Exchanges, €9,000
  • "Collusion and Fake News", UKIERI-SPARC Fund (Partner: IIIT-Delhi), 2019-2020, £13,700
  • "Collusion and Fake News: Are social networks being orchestrated in favor of fake news?", SPARC Programme of MHRD India (Main Partner: IIIT-Delhi, Other Partners: Cochin University and Nanyang Technological University), 2019-2021, INR 68,99,000
  • "SpanHDI: Spatial Analysis of Human Development in India", Jan - July 2017, Global Challenges Research Fund Award, Dept. for the Economy, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Value: £19,124 (Project Partners: QUB Geography and Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)
  • "Team Shape Analytics", Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project with StatSports Group, Newry, UK. Duration: 2018 - 2020. Value: £169,340

Co-Investigator with Significant Involvemnent

  • Co-I: "Levehulme Interdisciplinary Centre on Algorithmic Solutions" (LINAS), Leverhulme Trust. Duration: 2021 - 2026. Value: £1.35million
  • Co-I: "Information Extraction for Insurance", Invest Northern Ireland, Belfast, UK. (Partners: Belfast Metropolitan College, MapCover). Duration: 2020 - 2021. Value: £33,250
  • Co-I: "Detecting At Risk Mental States", 2019-2020, Small Business Research Initiative of the Department of Health Northern Ireland. Value: £74,994 (PI: Donncha Hanna, QUB Psychology)
  • Co-I (50% ownership): "Emotion Analysis on Reviews", June 2018 - June 2019, Project funded by Adoreboard Inc., Belfast. Value: £62,669 (PI: Anna Jurek-Loughrey, QUB Computer Science)
  • Co-I: "Data-driven Intelligent Energy Management for Environmentally Sustainable Energy Access", April 2017 - March 2020, UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) Thematic Partnerships Project in Data Science (project led by IIT Gandhinagar and Uni. of Edinburgh). Value: £173,281
  • Academic Partner (50% ownership): "Emotion Analysis for Product Assessment", KTP Project with Adoreboard Ltd., Belfast, March 2017 - June 2018. Value: £127,499 (PI: Anna Jurek-Loughrey, QUB Computer Science)
  • Co-I: "Developing Digital Phenotyping to Predict At Risk Mental States", 2018-2019, Small Business Research Initiative of the Department of Health Northern Ireland. Value: £50,364 (PI: Donncha Hanna, QUB Psychology)

Other Projects

  • Co-I: "Hidden Heritage in Majuli: From the Past to the Future", Oct 2017 - Mar 2018, Global Challenges Research Fund Award, Dept. for the Economy, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Value: £50,000 (PI: M. Satish Kumar, QUB Geography)

Students and Supervision

Research Students (Formal Supervision - Primary Supervisor indicated for co-supervision)

  • Marc Elliott, PhD (2021 - Present)
  • Jamie McKeown, PhD (2021 - Present) (with Dr. Maria Angela Ferrario)
  • Stanley Terence Simoes, PhD and Marie Curie Early Career Researcher, Ongoing (2021 - Present)
  • Emma McAllister, PhD (2021 - Present) (with Prof. Muiris MacCarthaigh)
  • Adwait Parsodkar, PhD (IIT Madras) (2021 - Present) (with Prof. Sutanu Chakraborti)
  • Srashti Kaurav, MS (IIT Madras) (2020 - Present) (with Prof. Sutanu Chakraborti)
  • Pritam Deka, PhD, Ongoing (2019 - Present) (with Dr Anna Jurek-Loughrey)
  • Colleen O'Sullivan, PhD (2019 - Present) (with Dr. Yingfen Hsia)
  • Martins Dogo, MPhil, Ongoing (2018 - Present)
  • Alimuddin Melleng, PhD, Ongoing (2018 - Present) (with Dr Anna Jurek-Loughrey)
  • Sowmya Sundaram, PhD (IIT Madras) (2018 - 2020), graduated 2020
  • Savitha Abraham, PhD (IIT Madras) (2018 - 2020), graduated 2020
  • Connel McKeown, PhD (QUB) (2018 - 2020) (with Prof. Muiris MacCarthaigh), graduated 2020
  • Colm Sweeney, MPhil (QUB) (2017 - 2019), graduated 2019, employed with Pramerica, Letterkenny, Ireland

Research Students (Informal Supervision)

  • Dr. Anil Bandhakavi, PhD, Robert Gordon University (UK), 2012-2017 [Supervisor: Prof. Nirmalie Wiratunga] (Current: Data Scientist, SentiSum, UK)
  • Dr. Rami Alkhawaldeh, PhD, University of Glasgow (UK), 2013-2016 [Supervisor: Prof. Joemon Jose] (Current: Asst. Professor, University of Jordan, Jordan)
  • Ankita Likhyani, PhD (Ongoing), IIIT Delhi (India), 2014-Present [Supervisor: Dr. Srikanta Bedathur]
  • Anoop VS, PhD (Ongoing), IIITMK (India), 2015-Present [Supervisor: Dr. Asharaf S.]
  • Anoop Kadan, PhD (Ongoing), University of Calicut (India), 2017-Present [Supervisor: Dr. Lajish VL]
  • Stanley Simoes, MS, IIT Madras (India), 2015-2018 [Supervisor: Prof. Deepak Khemani]

Research Associates and Fellows

  • Anish Mathew (IIT Palakkad), RA on the D-DIEM Project, June - July 2018
  • Carl Duffy, RA on the SPAN-HDI Project, Feb - July 2017
  • Soumali Banerjee, Remote RA (JNU-based) on the SPAN-HDI Project, Feb - July 2017

General Articles

  • "നിർമ്മിതബുദ്ധിയുടെ രാഷ്ട്രീയം" (Deshabhimani Talk), 10 January 2022 VIDEO LINK
  • "മികവിന്റെ കേന്ദ്രങ്ങൾ" (On Higher Education in UK), Mathrubhumi Daily, 30 November 2021 LINK
  • "ചൂഷണത്തിന്റെ അൽഗോരിതങ്ങൾ" (Algorithms of Exploitation), Letters to the Editor, Mathrubhumi Weekly Sep 19-25, 2021 PDF
  • "റിവേഴ്സ് ക്വാറന്റീന്‍: നൈതിക വശങ്ങളും സാമൂഹിക കടമകളും" (Reverse Quarantine: Ethical Aspects and Social Responsibilities), Madhyamam Online, October 30, 2020 LINK
  • "കണക്കും ദൈവവും" (God and Mathematics), Sasthragathi, Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad, Aug-Sep 2020 PDF (also in LUCA)
  • "COVID-19 recovery rate is a deceptive progress measure: Here’s why", The News Minute, August 21, 2020 LINK
  • "കോവിഡ്: രോഗമുക്തി നിരക്കും യഥാർഥ രോഗഭാരവും", Deshabhimani, August 13, 2020 LINK
  • "പൊതു-സ്വകാര്യ ദ്വന്ദ്വം: ഒരു പുനർചിന്ത" (with PJ Cherian), Bhashaposhini, August 2020 PDF
  • "Why we need to embrace digital minimalism?" (with Kiran S.), The New Indian Express, July 18, 2020 LINK
  • "Covid-19 Chartered Flights: Moral and Ethical Questions", The Kochi Post, June 26, 2020 LINK
  • "We are walking into a digital dystopia" (with Kiran S.), The Week, June 18, 2020 LINK
  • On Pattanam Excavations (with PJ Cherian), Mathrubhumi Weekly, May 3-9, 2020 Page 1, Page 2 Full PDF
  • On Planning Higher Studies Abroad in times of COVID-19, Mathrubhumi (all editions), 20th April, 2020 LINK
  • "വ്യാജവാര്‍ത്തായുഗം താനേ മായുമോ?" (Would the Fake News Era end on its own?), Online Portal, November 19th, 2018 LINK
  • On Commonwealth PhD Fellowships, Mathrubhumi (all editions), November 12th, 2018 LINK

Mind Science, Science Articles for General Readers, Deccan Chronicle and Asian Age, 2016 - 2018

Media Mentions

Professional Memberships, Activities and Recognition


  • Fairness in Unsupervised Learning (with Joemon Jose and Sanil V)
    at the CIKM 2020 Conference, Galway, Ireland. Tutorial Homepage
  • Machine Learning for Automatic Word Problem Solving (with Sowmya Sundaram and Savitha Abraham)
    at the ECML PKDD 2019 Conference, Würzburg, Germany Info
  • Analytics over the Hows and the Whys (with Dinesh Garg and Shirish Shevade)
    at the ICWSM 2018 Conference, Stanford, CA
  • Analytics over Question-Answer Archives
    at the ICON 2017 Conference, Kolkata, India PPT
  • Similarity Search: Navigating the choices for Similarity Operators (with Prasad Deshpande)
    at the WISE 2014 Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece Slides Info
    Also Keynote Talk at ICICT 2014 Conference, Kochi, India Info Slides
  • Entity Linking: Detecting Entities within Text (with Sayan Ranu)
    at the COMAD 2014 Conference, Hyderabad, India Info Slides
  • Spatio-Temporal Indexing: Current Scenario, Challenges and Approaches (with Prasad Deshpande
    and Aditya Telang) at the COMAD 2012 Conference, Pune, India Slides Info

Invited Talks, Panels and Keynotes

Workshop Organization

  • Co-chair, New Trends in Similarity Search (NTSS 2011) (with Prasad Deshpande)
    at the EDBT 2011 Conference, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Co-chair, SMS-based FAQ Retrieval (with LV Subramaniam and Danish Contractor)
    at the FIRE 2011, 2012 and 2013 Meetings, India

Research/Collaboration Visits

  • Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology - Delhi, India, May 2019 (Host: Tanmoy Chakraborty)
  • Cochin University of Science and Technology (Dept. of Comp. Sc.), India, May 2019 (Host: Santhosh Kumar)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, India, February 2019 (Host: Naran Pindoriya)
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, India, March and July, 2017 (Host: Amit Thorat)

Final Year Project Students

  • Sean Neill, MEng 2017 (Topic: Similarity Operators)
  • Ovidijus Parsiunas, MEng 2017 (Topic: Social Media Analytics)
  • Niall Doran, BEng 2021 (Topic: Fair Retrieval)
  • Dean Dunwoodie, BEng 2021 (Topic: Personalization and Polarization)
  • Sarah Ferris, BEng 2021 (Topic: Political Biases)
  • Cliona O'Doherty, BEng 2021 (Topic: Tangential Similarity Search)
  • Jessica Rodgers, BEng 2021 (Topic: Crime Reporting Bias)
  • Michael Woolsey, BEng 2021 (Topic: Fair Retrieval)
  • Garbhan Harrison, BEng 2020 (Topic: Fair Clustering)
  • Hannah Moorehead, BEng 2020 (Topic: Political Biases)
  • Christopher Morrow, BEng 2020 (Topic: Tangential Similarity Search)
  • Chloe Rocks, BEng 2020 (Topic: Fair Outliers)
  • Nathan Wray, BEng 2020 (Topic: Fair Clustering)
  • Anish Mathew, BTech 2019 (IIT Palakkad) [Supervisor: Sahely Bhadra]
  • Aaron Dawson, BEng 2019 (Topic: Word Semantics)
  • Donal Mallon, BEng 2019 (Topic: UK Petitions and Parliamentary Debates)
  • Gavin Fitzpatrick, BEng 2019 (Topic: Research Article Title Keywords and Citations)
  • Michelle Petticrew, BSc 2019 (Topic: Tracking People Mobility across Centuries)
  • Paul Kelly, BEng 2019 (Topic: Brand Loyalty)
  • Stephen Atkinson, BEng 2019 (Topic: Health Fake News and Refutations)
  • Aoibheann Siobhan McCloskey, BEng 2018 (Topic: Twitter and Emotions)
  • Lewis Benson, BEng 2018 (Topic: Clustering and Entity Linking)
  • Tony Win Ho Shek, BEng 2018 (Topic: Similarity Search)
  • Richard Sayers, BEng 2018 (Topic: Sensationalism Identification)
  • Alex Crowley, BEng 2018 (Topic: Answering Templates)
  • Stephanie Allen, BEng 2018 (Topic: Psychological Risk)
  • Jessica Winter, BEng 2017 (Topic: Deep Learning on Images)
  • Aaron Daly, BEng 2017 (Topic: Similarity Operators)
  • Richard Fox, BEng 2017 (Topic: Multi-view Data Analytics)
  • Scott Adams, BEng 2017 (Topic: Entity Analysis of Text)
  • Adit Krishnan, M.Tech 2016 (IIT Madras) [Supervisor: Sayan Ranu] (Current: PhD Student, UIUC)